I have the most incredible job in the world! I get to play a part in the transformation of an industry (sales), add purpose and prosperity to the people I work with (sales professionals), do it by sharing the results of something I love doing (looking at stuff under the microscope…believe it or not) and engage with people in my favorite way (one-on-one).


I started my journey looking at metal alloys under the microscope (I’m an engineer with a specialty in high temperature materials).  After about six years of figuring out what made certain alloys tick, I switched my attention to ‘using the microscope’ to figure out what made the buyer/seller conversation tick (the transition is a long, boring story). 


I zoomed in in particular on why some sales meetings went to the moon while others just blew up, with no apparent explanation for
either outcome.


But I didn’t do my “research” in a cushy lab or by studying research reports online. I did it in the trenches; and in a way that no one else ever has: by conducting over 1000 ride-alongs with salespeople

from more than 40 companies.


But—unlike traditional ride-along consultants—I was an active participant carrying a client business card not a passive observer carrying a yellow notepad; that really matters!  I’ve even done a few thousand phone sales “ride-alongs.”


You could say that I spent years observing the very interactions I

was conducting with my clients through the lens of a microscope. 


That’s why I believe I can improve the lives of sales professionals—and the performance of the companies they work for—in a way that experts without that perspective simply can’t.


What did I learn?  That all salespeople can multiply the payback on their own natural talents by learning how to harness three ‘hidden’ behavioral forces that are at play in every buyer/seller conversation; forces that reveal themselves with crystal clarity once you magnify your interactions.


In fact, I believe that until salespeople learn how to make these three forces work for them they’ll continue to work against them. I show them how to do that through Real-time Trust® Mentored Boot Camp.


I don’t fashion myself as a guru; and I’m certainly not a jedi.  I’m just someone who’s passionate about sharing what he’s learned with sales professionals, especially those who have a sense that something is missing; that there must be a better way to gain more clarity and more control in their customer interactions.